Jhanvi’s attack on Arjun angers Maya in Beyhadh


Jhanvi thinks Ashwin’s ghost is troubling her. She asks Maya why did she come here. She asks her to leave. Maya refuses to leave. Arjun says everything will get fine. Jhanvi gets angry and stabs Arjun’s leg, asking him how can he put Maya in danger. Jhanvi beats Arjun and gets angry, so that she saves Maya. Maya gets too angry, but then calms down by understanding Jhanvi’s fragile mental state.

Maya gives sleeping pills to Jhanvi and makes her sleep. Doctor checks Jhanvi, and tells Maya that Jhanvi is in shock of Ashwin’s death, some people cry out and some get silent, and some people revive the dead people in memories to deal with their shock. Maya and Arjun get worried. Jhanvi feels possessed by Ashwin’s spirit. Jhanvi does not want Ashwin to hurt Maya, and tries making her away. Arjun sees Maya’s worry and tries to make her mood normal. Arjun and Maya have a romantic moment.


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