Pihu to know Gulabo’s truth in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman as Gulabo dances on Tamilian Baby Doll song with Ishita. Ishita and Gulabo dance happily in Shagun’s baby shower ceremony. Raman learns women’ moves from Ishita. Raman holds Ishita and makes her uncomfortable. Ishita calls Mihika to dance with them. Mihika joins them. Raman dances in high spirits. Divya sees Gulabo’s truth coming out and stops Raman. She goes on dance floor and asks him to come with her.

Divya takes Raman with him to room to set his Gulabo look again. Pihu hears Raman’s truth, that he has become Gulabo to stay with Pihu. Pihu promises Raman that she will not tell anyone that Raman is Gulabo. Raman hugs Pihu and is happy. Ishita shares her problems with Bala. Bala explains her to give some time to Raman. Ishita feels Raman is becoming more insensitive, and her step to bring a change in him has backfired.


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