Action and drama returns with Kokila’s re-entry in Saathiya

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Kokila runs away from prison. She reaches the temple and tries to run away before Sita stops her. The goons come there to take Kokila. Gaura and Bhavani have sent the goons to kidnap Kokila and Sita. Kokila rescues Sita and asks them not to follow. She warns the goons, but she falls vulnerable. Kokila is much worried as Gaura has caged Vidya at home. She wants to reach home soon.

Sita knows about Kokila and tries saving her as Kokila means a lot for Gopi. Police and goons are after Kokila and Sita. Jaggi comes there and beats the goons. The show will have action sequence after long drama. When the goons catch Jaggi, Gopi makes an entry and beats the goons with a stick. Gopi and Jaggi protect Kokila and Sita. A goon hits on Kokila’s head. Kokila gets injured. Sita and Gopi worry for Kokila. Kokila finds Sita’s nature like Gopi. Jaggi and Gopi take Kokila and Sita home. Kokila’s re-entry gets more drama. Gaura and Bhavani would have a tough time now.






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