Tricky situation for Gulabo ahead in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Pihu does makeup. Ishita gets angry on her and says Pihu should not apply makeup. Raman asks Ishita not to scold her, Pihu is a kid. Raman explains Pihu not to do makeup in such young age, as its not healthy for the skin. Ishita asks Gulabo to call her husband home. Raman gets worried to arrange a fake husband. Gulabo falls in trouble when three men come to act as Gulabo’s husband.

Raman introduces the first one as her husband. Ishita sits talking. Another man comes and Raman tells him silently not to act like Gulabo’s husband. Raman says plan cancelled. Raman had called Romi to arrange a fake husband, but Romi has sent entire acting group. Ishita gets a big shock after Gulabo’s third husband comes. Raman says stop it now, I can’t manage two, and third also came. Raman worries and says I will explain you what happened.

Raman lies about Gulabo’s three husbands twist story. Raman tells Ishita that first husband is army officer and went to fight on border, then Gulabo married second man thinking first husband will not return, but first husband returned from border. Ishita asks Gulabo was her love so weak that she moved on so easily and quickly. Raman as Gulabo tells helplessness to remarry for securing family, Raman makes Golmaal stories to fool Ishita. Raman manages to stop all the actors from overacting and exposing his truth.



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