Avni’s life to fall in danger in Naamkarann


Dayavanti is troubled by Neela’s warnings. She feels insure that Avni will come back soon and take revenge. Dayavanti tells Diksha about her fears increasing and making her mad. Diksha asks her to end all the fears to de-stress her mind. Dayavanti thinks of getting rid of Avni. She hires a shooter to get Avni killed. Dayavanti is ready to pay any amount to the shooter. The shooter refuses to kill a little girl. Dayavanti asks him not to think Avni is an innocent girl, she has much poison in him. She calls Avni a devil, and asks the shooter to end the evil by killing her.

Inspector Rathore observes Avni’s good behavior and thinks Avni is a true person. He asks Avni to fight back. He motives her to get justice for herself and Aisha. Diksha doubts on Dayavanti’s intentions. Dayavanti lies to her about going out of home for work purpose. Diksha understands that Dayavanti is hiding some secret. She thinks to find Dayavanti’s secret soon. Rathore tells Neela that Avni got shifted to other remand home, as per the new orders.

He asks Neela to meet Avni in Nasik. Neela asks why was Avni shifted. She feels something is wrong. He assures that he will also leave for Nasik. Neela introduces herself as Avni’s mother. She explains the entire case to Rathore. She tells Avni is framed in Aisha’s murder. He asks her to come Nasik tomorrow and meet Avni. Neela asks him to give Bappa idol to Avni. Rathore tells her that Avni does not belief in Lord. Neela tells him that Avni’s belief broke down now, but maybe Avni can get her belief back. Avni gets shifted and sleeps in the van. Dayavanti’s hired shooter sees Avni and attempts to kill her. Will Rathore be able to save Avni? Keep reading.


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