Niddhi instigates Shagun against Gulabo in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita and Mani plan for a dinner to surprise Gulabo and her husband. Ishita gets hurt while doing arrangements. Raman as Gulabo does massage to her feet and relieves her pain. Niddhi tells Shagun that they can’t depend on servants, as many bad stories are coming in newspapers. She asks Shagun not to trust Gulabo, who can rob the house. She fills Shagun’s ears against Gulabo. She asks Shagun why is Gulabo being so sweet, and makes Shagun develop a doubt over Gulabo. Niddhi is troubled by Gulabo, who failed her plans before.

Niddhi realizes once Gulabo leaves, she can do anything with Shagun. on the other hand, the municipal committee people argue with Mr. Bhalla. The men say Mr. Bhalla’s apartment is an illegal construction. Gaurav comes there to manage, but fails. Parmeet comes and manages the situation by giving proper documentation. Parmeet proves out to be more helpful to Bhallas than Gaurav.


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