Harman happy with his Gulabo in Shakti


Harman, Surbhi and Soumya have a good time on the Aksa beach. Soumya likes the sight of water. Harman holds her hand and takes her to the shores. He clicks their pictures. Harman teases Soumya by his mischief. Soumya laughs and appears happy.

Harman and Surbhi get glad seeing Soumya happy. Harman feels Soumya deserves happiness, and has her rights on him. Harman is in Soumya’s fate. He writes her name with his name on the sand, and makes a heart. Soumya writes Surbhi’s name with Harman. She unites Harman and Surbhi’s hands. Kareena reaches there to take Soumya back to kinner world. She spots Soumya with Harman and gets angry. Kareena can’t reach Soumya till Harman is with her.


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