Siddhant’s past to be dug out in P.O.W. – Bandi Yuddh Ke


Siddhant finds Imaan searching any clue in his room. Siddhant calls Vikram home. Siddhant keeps the entire annoying matter in front of Vikram and Shobha. Imaan gets in tension and apologizes to Siddhant for his move. Vikram talks to Imaan and Sartaj in private. They tell Vikram about their doubts on Siddhant, and what made them look at the grey side. Vikram too gets suspicion on Siddhant. Afreen gets to know about Siddhant’s move by watching news. She decides to leave for India to meet Siddhant.

Shobha gets Siddhant and Afreen’s photo in cupboard. She tells Vikram about the photo. Vikram gets to know Afreen is Lala’s daughter. Vikram asks Santosh to prepare his team and work on to investigate against Siddhant, what are his ulterior motives and connections with Lala’s family.

Vikram asks Santosh to monitor Siddhant’s activity and report him if there is anything suspicious. Siddhant goes to meet Thadani and start his work as the new security chief. Siddhant gets into an argument with the current security officer, who is confident about having no loopholes in the security plan. Siddhant shows them the flaws and wins Thadani’s trust. He becomes the new security chief for Thadanis.

Santosh finds out that Siddhant has used Thadani’s laptop to know about Lala’s son. Vikram and Duggal get together to find out Siddhant’s connection with Lala and his family. Vikram wants to keep country first and is ready to go against Siddhant, if Siddhant is wrong. Keep reading.


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