Niddhi gets suspicious about Raman’s act in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman fools Ishita and Shagun by telling long stories of how she met her second husband. The third guy comes to act as Gulabo’s husband. Raman gets in trouble to manage the three fake husbands. He sends all of the guys. Ruhi is worried as she is not able to manage her studies. Aaliya and Adi pacify Ruhi and encourage her to have strong basics and not complicate things. Adi helps Ruhi in studies. Aaliya is happy to see Adi helping Ruhi. Raman calls Romi to help him come out of the horrible situation.

Mihika hears Romi and doubts on him. Romi makes excuse and leaves. Mihika suspects Romi is having connection with Pihu’s Nanny Gulabo. Ruhi thanks Adi for teaching her. Adi gets informed about consignment rejected by the company. Adi asks the manager to check the consignment. Ruhi helps Adi by suggesting a better option of outsourcing. Adi thanks and praises her smart advice. Niddhi gets to hear about Gulabo having three husbands. Ishita and Shagun about Gulabo. Mihika calls Ishita and expresses her doubt about Romi and Gulabo. Ishita clears Mihika’s misunderstanding. Mihika asks her to find out and not let Romi know anything. Ishita asks her to relax.

Ishita asks Gulabo whether she knows Romi. Raman says I know him. Ishita says how do you know Romi, when did you meet him. Pihu covers up for Raman’s lie. Raman and Pihu manage to lie. Ishita’s doubt gets cleared and she thinks to inform Mihika. Raman and Romi meet the three guys who acted as Gulabo’s husbands. Raman asks them to forget about Gulabo now. Raman tells Romi that Ishita is doubting on you and Gulabo. Raman wants to keep Gulabo’s act till he makes his image better in Ishita’s eyes. Niddhi gets doubt on Raman and Gulabo’s connection. Niddhi tries finding the truth from Pihu.



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