Piyush saves Roshni from the fatal attack in Sasural Simar Ka


Holi fest is celebrated in Simar’s family. Simar does all the arrangements. Mata ji blesses Simar. The entire family celebrates Holika dahan. Roshni gets inside the wooden sticks. Piyush lights the fire. He sees someone inside and saves Roshni in nick of time.

Vaidehi planned to killed Roshni. Piyush takes Roshni inside the house. Prem says anyone would have seen who has done this with Roshni, we can’t trust anyone. The elders feel neighbors can’t do this. Mata ji and Simar worry for Roshni. Everyone gets upset thinking they would have lost Roshni today. Roshni knows Vaidehi has done this, but can’t do anything till she gets a proof against Vaidehi.


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