Baby’s new evil ploy to strike Birlas in Suhani Si Ek Ladki


Baby is behind planting the fake Baba home. Baba scared Dadi telling about the house Shuddhi needed. Baba asks Dadi ti conduct a purity puja. Baby fakes a seizure to make everyone believe on Baba’s magical powers. Baby plans everything to harm Birla family. Baby acts good with everyone. Baba wants to kill Yuvraaj for his own personal rivalry and profits.

Baba tells Dadi to arrange a Bhog for 11 brahmans in order to get the house purified. Dadi agrees and asks Suhani to do all the arrangements. Suhani makes the prasad. Baba spikes the prasad. Yuvraaj consumes the prasad and faints. Baba and Baby then plan to win Suhani’s sympathy. Baba’s disciple misbehaves with Baby. The man dies mysteriously. Suhani finds the man dead and does not what is Baby up to. Will Suhani and Yuvraaj find out Baby’s truth? Keep reading.



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