Swabhimaan — Meghna and Naina’s test


Meghna is upset in the grand party kept by her inlaws. Kunal pulls her cheeks and tries to cheer her up. The party is thrown for Meghna. Meghna has joined office. Dada ji announced this party. Meghna and Naina have done the arrangements. Kunal went out of home for arranging a surprise for Meghna. Meghna got annoyed with him.

She tells Kunal that she was in tension, was this nice to go without saying. Kunal tells her that he went to get Sharda. Meghna gets glad meeting Sharda. Kunal’s father plans to trouble Meghna and Naina by giving them work, but with no responsibility. Meghna and Naina are becoming puppets in Chauhan family. It’s a test for Meghna and Naina. Will they keep up the values given by Sharda and fight for their self esteem? Keep reading.


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