Bihaan to recall past fragments in Thapki Pyaar Ki


Bihaan paints his and Thapki’s pictures, by following the flashes coming in his mind. Bihaan then sees the image and faints. Dhruv and Vasundara hold him. Dhruv scolds Thapki and says you snatched Aditi from me, and now you want to snatch Bihaan. Thapki has planned the skit to make Bihaan recall his memory and identify her. Bihaan feels pressured by the flashes.

Thapki gets shocked seeing Bihaan’s drawing. Vasundara throws color on Thapki’s face and scolds her. She says Thapki could not do any good with us, and has been just hurting us till now.


She asks Thapki not to use their humanity. Vasundara calms down Dhruv and everyone and scolds Thapki to act. Dhruv and everyone leave the matter in Vasundara. Later, Vasundara apologizes to Thapki for getting angry on her. She explains she had to do this drama to calm down Dhruv’s anger. Bihaan gets unwell when he gets some flashes. Thapki worries and thinks how is Bihaan falling unwell, and doubts if he is given wrong medicines by someone. Will Thapki find out Sankara’s conspiracy? Keep reading.


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