An emotional journey towards KaiRa’s union in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik gets ready for marriage. Manish has a wish to tie the Pagdi to Kartik. Manish and Suwarna cry when Kartik does not allow Manish to tie the pagdi. Manish requests Dadi to do something and fulfill his wish. Dadi asks Kartik to close his eyes and sit, by telling some rasam. Kartik sits closing eyes. Manish and Suwarna together tie the Pagdi to him.

They get too emotional. They could not control their tears. Suwarna hands over the groom’s sword to Dadi. On the other hand, Naitik cries seeing Akshara’s picture. Naksh asks Kartik to still think of the marriage decision, and he can run away if he wants. Kartik jokes that if he wanted to run, he would have not come here on camel, he is ready to marry and become a martyr. Everyone laugh hearing Kartik. Naira and Naitik have an emotional moment. Naitik blesses her and takes her towards the venue. Kartik and Naira are too close to their big moment. Keep reading.



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