Holi fest turns deadly for Naina in Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani

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Laila will be playing dangerous games to separate Raja and Naina. Laila is jealous of Naina. She plans to kill Naina. Everyone celebrates Holi. Naina is happy to celebrate her first holi with inlaws. Rajmata blesses her. Laila takes Naina on a wheelchair and pushes her in the well. Naina screams and holds the wooden stick to hang.

Raja returns home for work. He hears Naina screaming and shouting his name. He sees the women around the well and finds out that Naina is stuck inside the well. No one could help Naina. Raja pulls Naina out of the well and saves her life. Raja’s heroic act upsets Laila. Raja hugs Naina and worries for her life. Raja lifts Naina and takes her to room. Laila fails again in her attempt to separate Raja and Naina. Keep reading.

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