Raman and Ishita’s equations to turn good in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita gets angry seeing Pihu applying makeup. She scolds Pihu for not listening to her. Raman comes for work. Ishita yells on Gulabo for not guiding Pihu well and being irresponsible. She asks Gulabo if she wants to continue the job or not. Raman gets worried. Pihu could not see Ishita scolding Raman, and tells Ishita that its all her fault to get her away from family. She says I feel bored at home and tend to do these days, you got me away from Adi, Ruhi and Raman. Ishita feels hurt by Pihu’s words. Pihu defends Gulabo. Raman explains Pihu that Ishita is doing a lot for children and Pihu should never hurt her. He asks Pihu to go and apologize to Ishita. Pihu apologizes to Ishita and hugs her. Ishita also apologizes to Pihu and Gulabo.

Ishita complains about Raman, who does not realize his mistakes affecting their children, his anger is bad for everyone. She wishes Raman changed, and understood her. She misses Raman and feels bad to get children away from family. She feels she did wrong and lost Raman. Raman as Gulabo cheers up Ishita and takes care of her.

Raman tells Ishita about the morning dream, where he has seen Ishita and Raman’s romantic dinner. Ishita laughs on Gulabo. Raman says your husband won’t let anything happen wrong today, he would call you today and fix dinner date. The municipal guys trouble Bhallas. Gaurav calls Mrs. Bhalla and knows about the problem. Both Parmeet and Gaurav come to help Bhallas. Ishita realizes Gulabo’s saying turned true. Raman romantically talks to Ishita and invites her for dinner. She asks him if he would come or miss the dinner again. Raman promises to solve all problems tonight. Ishita gets glad and agrees to go with him. She then lies to Gulabo that Raman begged to her and apologized, so she had pity on him. Raman understands her happiness. Parmeet turns helpful than Gaurav and solves the matter legally. Bhallas thank Parmeet. Raman and Ishita meet on a special date. Raman impresses her with lovely gestures. IshRa’s romance will be seen after much time. Keep reading.



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