Action, drama and twists in Thapki Pyaar Ki

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Thapki and Bihaan meet in market. Vasundara leaves them so that they get time to talk. They spend quality time and have panipuri. Goons surround them. Thapki had called the fake goons, but the real goons come there. Thapki signs them to tease her. The goon says I m not acting, I m not any Bunty. Thapki gets a shock.

The goon asks Bihaan how did he get such a beautiful girl. Bihaan asks the goon to leave Thapki. Bihaan pushes the goon and asks Thapki to run. Thapki gets worried. Bihaan realizes his love for Thapki. Thapki and Bihaan hide. Thapki gets scared and hugs Bihaan. The goons twist bring romance moment for Thapki and Bihaan. The goons find Bihaan and beat him up. They try to kidnap Thapki and take her.

Bihaan turns angry and beats all the goons. Bihaan turns Thapki’s hero again. Bihaan fights like he used to do before, but then he turns into simple and calm Bihaan. He says what did I do, how did this happen. Thapki says you have beaten them and saved me from goons. Bihaan says no, I can’t do this. He apologizes to the goons for beating them. The goons find him mad and run away. Bihaan gets stabbed by one of them. Thapki holds Bihaan and cries, asking someone to help them.






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