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Devanshi: Vardaan gets drunk and sings. Devanshi tries to stop him. Vardaan dances with her. He makes Devanshi dance with him. She throws a bucket of water on him and scolds him for making Sakshi drink wine along with him. Vardaan gets angry and throws a bucket of water on her. She asks what did you do. She scolds him and asks him to go and see Sakshi, who is dancing madly at home. Vardaan and Devanshi argue and fall. They both have a romantic moment.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

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Teni goes to Dada ji and tells Parth and Shorvori’s secret, that they are cheating Dada ji. Parth and Shorvori see Teni revealing the truth and get shocked. Teni has done this thinking she is doing right. This turns to be Parth’s imagination.


Suraj finds a new work of babysitting. Suraj is staying in village as bandhua, but is free to find any work to earn a living. Suraj has to manage children. The kids trouble him and pull his hands. They tickle Suraj and laugh. The pregnant lady asks Suraj to manage her children and she will pay him money. Suraj thought its easy task to manage kids. But, the work gets tough for him. Suraj falls down and the kids run away. Suraj looks for them and worries. He thinks where did the naughty kids go.


Harman finds excuses to reach Soumya. Harman acts to be hurt and makes excuses to be with Soumya. Soumya gets worried seeing Harman’s state. She asks Harman and Surbhi what happened, and how. Soumya loves Harman and gets scared seeing him injured. Kareena has come to kidnap Soumya, but Saaya has come there to save Soumya.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki and Bihaan meet in market. Vasundara leaves them so that they get time to talk. They spend quality time and have panipuri. Goons surround them. Thapki had called the fake goons, but the real goons come there. Thapki signs them to tease her. The goon says I m not acting, I m not any Bunty. Thapki gets a shock.





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