Devanshi’s smart move to save Sakshi


Villagers are angry on Sakshi, assuming her to be Devanshi. They think Sakshi is a Chudail and want to cut her hair, so that she does not harm them. Kusum has planned and instigated everyone against Sakshi. Nutan makes Sakshi sit and holds her hair to cut by scissors. Devanshi asks them not to come close to Sakshi, none can cut Sakshi’s hair. Devanshi takes Sakshi to room and saves her. Vardaan gets an idea to save Sakshi.

He tells Devanshi that Sakshi should get her cut hair, so that villagers get calmed. Devanshi refuses and argues with Vardaan. Sakshi is mentally a child. She loves her hair, and asks Devanshi to do something and stop Vardaan. Devanshi find a solution to save Sakshi’s hair. She asks Nutan to see the tika, which will not get erased by anything. She says if Sakshi is Chudail, why is Maiyya’s tika not getting wiped off.

Nutan says I will wipe off the tika right away. Nutan tries and tika does not get away. Gopi also tries to wipe the tika from Sakshi’s forehead. Devanshi tells everyone that Sakshi is not a Chudail, Maiyya’s tika did not get wipe off. Devanshi uses her smartness and saves Sakshi. Kusum starts acting and says Maiyya does not want to punish this mad girl, so respect Maiyya’s command and wait till Sakshi gets mentally fine. The protesters agree to Kusum and leave Sakshi. Vardaan likes Devanshi’s smartness. Will Vardaan figure out the real Devanshi? Keep reading.


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