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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:
Laila has trapped Naina to kill her. Naina begs to Laila to leave her and let her go. Laila wants to sink Naina and kill her. Naina is trapped in a boat and is very much alone. She gets in middle of the river. She sees a fierce crocodile coming towards her boat and shouts for Raja to help her. Raja hears her and jumps in the river to save Naina. Raja fights with the crocodile and saves Naina.


Shivani is blamed of giving poison to Veer. Gulguli and everyone rush to see Veer. Shivani defends herself and says I did not do anything. Maldawadi says it seems Shivani tried to kill Veer in anger, after getting this chance to take revenge from him. She says Shivani hates Veer, doctor said Veer has eaten poison which was mixed in food. Gulguli fumes.


The show will be taking a generation leap, where Mannu will be seen as Pavaniyas’ new Shah. Sad part of the story will be Raman and Simran’s unfulfilled love. Mannu regrets to not be able to unite the lovers. Mannu’s new phase of life will begin now. Mannu has been living as a boy till now, will Mannu be able to hide the gender truth?

[youtube id=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Por242K7K0]


Neel and Avni fall down the cliff. Avni gets sinking in the sea. He revives her. Neel saves her. Avni beats up by doubting on him. Neel and Avni get stuck in the jungle. They argue. She steals his phone to call someone, but does not get any network.


Villagers are angry on Sakshi, assuming her to be Devanshi. They think Sakshi is a Chudail and want to cut her hair, so that she does not harm them. Kusum has planned and instigated everyone against Sakshi. Nutan makes Sakshi sit and holds her hair to cut by scissors. Devanshi asks them not to come close to Sakshi, none can cut Sakshi’s hair. Devanshi takes Sakshi to room and saves her. Vardaan gets an idea to save Sakshi.

Santoshi Maa:

Santoshi Maa has sent her blessing for Santoshi in the form of a little girl Rudrakshi, who is being the guiding light for Dhairya. Dhairya is trapped by the evil powers of Kamini and Trishna. He hates Santoshi and wants to take divorce soon. Rudrakshi sees Trishna hugging Dhairya and trying to make him wear the locket. She alerts Dhairya about the locket and fails Trishna’s plan. Rudrakshi has come to challenge the evil planted by Devi Paulmi.

[youtube id=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPx6pxtu0YU]


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