Niddhi to find out Gulabo’s truth in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Niddhi gets close to find Raman’s truth. She instigates Shagun against Gulabo. Shagun demands Gulabo to submit her ID proofs. Raman fails to get any documents to prove Gulabo’s identity. Based on doubt, Shagun calls police. Inspector asks Gulabo to give basic details, if she has a problem to get documents. Raman randomly tells such name, unknowing that it belongs to a dangerous terrorist. Police fears that Gulabo is a terrorist and thinks to arrest her after finding solid proof. Raman gets worried and asks Romi to make fake documents for Gulabo.

Raman acts to be helpless and borrows some time from Ishita. Niddhi constantly keeps an eye on Raman. She follows Gulabo. She gets to overhear Raman and Romi’s conversation. Niddhi gets a big shock knowing Raman has taken Gulabo’s disguise to stay close to Ishita and children. She feels scared as she is also staying in disguise. She thinks Raman can know about her, and plans to frame Gulabo in police case. Raman meets Romi and asks him to prepare fake documents as soon as possible. Niddhi makes Shagun’s doubt deeper, while Ishita shows her belief in Gulabo. Will Niddhi be able to expose Gulabo? Keep reading.


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