Rajbeer’s search for Durga begins


Durga visits Alakhpura to find about Rishi’s deceive. Durga visits the court, but misses to spot Rishi with his girlfriend Pooja. Durga finds out about some girl leaving tiffin for Rishi. She gets a clue and thinks to find out from the utensil shop. Meanwhile, Rajbeer happens to visit the court to track Durga by birth registration records. He sees Durga and tries to stop her. Rajbeer gets mistaken that Durga stays in Alakhpura, and decides to search for her.

Durga heads back home to Barwara. Sheela gets informed by Dulaari that Durga is spying on Rishi. Sheela yells on Durga and threatens her to chain her at home by complaining to Yashpal about her. Yashpal gets to know Sheela shouting on Durga and tries to know the matter. Durga decides to find Rishi’s complete truth and expose him. Rajbeer gets Yashpal’s details, but assumes he is finding for some other Durga. Will Rajbeer find Durga? Keep reading.


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