Santoshi Maa – Rudrakshi to counteract evil


Santoshi Maa has sent her blessing for Santoshi in the form of a little girl Rudrakshi, who is being the guiding light for Dhairya. Dhairya is trapped by the evil powers of Kamini and Trishna. He hates Santoshi and wants to take divorce soon. Rudrakshi sees Trishna hugging Dhairya and trying to make him wear the locket. She alerts Dhairya about the locket and fails Trishna’s plan. Rudrakshi has come to challenge the evil planted by Devi Paulmi.

Trishna thinks how can Dhairya not show any concern towards her. She feels Dhairya has changed. Rudrakshi asks Dhairya to compare both Santoshi and Trishna’s genuineness, support and love for him, and then realize who is more true to him. Dhairya’s heart gets inclined towards Santoshi, but Trishna does not lose to influence him.



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