Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Meri Durga: Durga visits Alakhpura to find about Rishi’s deceive. Durga visits the court, but missed to spot Rishi with his girlfriend Pooja. Durga finds out about some girl leaving tiffin for Rishi. She gets a clue and thinks to find out from the utensil shop. Meanwhile, Rajbeer happens to visit the court to track Durga by birth registration records. He sees Durga and tries to stop her. Rajbeer gets mistaken that Durga stays in Alakhpura, and decides to search for her. Durga heads back home to Barwara. Sheela gets informed by Dulaari that Durga is spying on Rishi.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Meera is back in family. Vidya gets soup for her. She calls Dharam to explain Meera. Dharam hugs Meera and behaves nicely. Meera gets angry and throws the soup. She feels nobody cares for her, and just show fake concern, else they would have not left me alone. She can’t bear Gopi giving value to Sita more than her. She feels she is unwanted in everyone’s life and cries. She thinks she will fight alone and does not need anyone.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Suhani does Yuvraaj’s last rites and starts believing that he has really left them. Suhani wishes everything turns out to be a bad dream, and Yuvraaj comes back to them. Suhani agrees to the Baba that she will head for pilgrimage. Baba asks Dadi to make Suhani repent for the crime of killing Yuvraaj. Baby has added poison and made Yuvraaj consume it. But, Dadi blames Suhani and holds her responsible. Suhani could not help to defend herself and gets leaving from the home.

Mere Angne Mein:

Riya and Shivam share all the moments to welcome their child. Shivam finds it the best moment of his life, to feel and talk to his baby. Riya gets close to her delivery. She gets to know of the complications, which could even take her life. Riya does not disclose this to Shivam, wanting him to live all the precious moments with happiness. She feels sorry to hide such a big thing from Shivam, and gets sorrowful. She asks Shivam to promise to be her life partner for seven births. Shivam promises her, but does not figure out Riya’s worry.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Niddhi gets close to find Raman’s truth. She instigates Shagun against Gulabo. Shagun demands Gulabo to submit her ID proofs. Raman fails to get any documents to prove Gulabo’s identity. Based on doubt, Shagun calls police. Inspector asks Gulabo to give basic details, if she has a problem to get documents. Raman randomly tells such name, unknowing that it belongs to a dangerous terrorist. Police fears that Gulabo is a terrorist and thinks to arrest her after finding solid proof. Raman gets worried and asks Romi to make fake documents for Gulabo.


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