Suhani’s belief in Yuvraaj’s survival to be witnessed


Suhani does Yuvraaj’s last rites and starts believing that he has really left them. Suhani wishes everything turns out to be a bad dream, and Yuvraaj comes back to them. Suhani agrees to the Baba that she will head for pilgrimage. Baba asks Dadi to make Suhani repent for the crime of killing Yuvraaj. Baby has added poison and made Yuvraaj consume it. But, Dadi blames Suhani and holds her responsible. Suhani could not help to defend herself and gets leaving from the home.

Suhani discovers Yuvraaj’s ring and gets a clue of his survival. She gets new hopes. She informs family that Yuvraaj is alive, and she will find him. She stops Baba from doing soul peace puja for Yuvraaj and also creates hurdle in the memorial ceremony. Suhani’s belief gives a hope to Pratima too, while Dadi feels Suhani has lost it. Baba reveals to Baby that he has kept Yuvraaj captive to kill him on Holi day. Baby worries seeing Suhani’s high belief and confidence to find Suhani. Suhani promises the family of leaving for pilgrimage. Suhani plans to find Yuvraaj by fooling the Baba. Will Suhani succeed to find Yuvraaj? Keep reading.


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