Vardaan to take a stand for Devanshi


Vardaan gets drunk and sings. Devanshi tries to stop him. Vardaan dances with her. He makes Devanshi dance with him. She throws a bucket of water on him and scolds him for making Sakshi drink wine along with him. Vardaan gets angry and throws a bucket of water on her. She asks what did you do. She scolds him and asks him to go and see Sakshi, who is dancing madly at home. Vardaan and Devanshi argue and fall. They both have a romantic moment.

Villagers come there and scold Devanshi for her bad character. Kusum’s brother gets angry. The lady says Devanshi is trapping Kusum’s son by her beauty. Vardaan asks the lady why is she commenting on them, her times are over now, she should better go her home and sleep. He threatens people and asks them to get lost. Devanshi laughs seeing Vardaan’s straight reply to the villagers. Kusum’s brother gets angry on Vardaan’s behavior. Devanshi is in love with Vardaan. Vardaan also loves Devanshi, but he is mistaken that Sakshi is Devanshi.


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