Waaris — New phase in Mannu’s life

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Mannu tries to unite Raman and Simran, by getting them married against everyone’s wish. Mannu thought to end the years long enmity by their marriage. Both the families each the temple and stop the marriage. Amba asks Simran to come with her, while Harjeet tries to take Raman home. Mohini sees Jagan and Harjeet ready to kill each other, and conspires to kill either of Raman and Simran to ignite more fire in the fight. Mannu gets helpless to pick the gun and stop Harjeet from taking away Raman. Mohini aims the gun by hiding far. She wants to take revenge from Amba. Mohini uses this chance and shoots, to put the blame on Mannu.

The show will be taking a generation leap, where Mannu will be seen as Pavaniyas’ new Shah. Sad part of the story will be Raman and Simran’s unfulfilled love. Mannu regrets to not be able to unite the lovers. Mannu’s new phase of life will begin now. Mannu has been living as a boy till now, will Mannu be able to hide the gender truth? Keep reading.

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