Ishita to fire Gulabo from job in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


After spending time with Ishita, Raman tells Ishita that he is taking Pihu home and will drop her back even if it gets late while return. Ishita gets assured by Raman, and asks him to take Pihu. Raman and Pihu talk on the way. Raman meets with an accident. Ishita and Shagun worry for Pihu, as it gets too late. Ishita believes Pihu will be fine as she is with Raman.

She asks Shagun not to worry in such state. Raman is arrested for drunken driving. Inspector scolds him for risking a little girl’s life, by rash driving. Raman tries to defend, but in vain. Raman is taken under custody. Ishita gets informed and rushes to police station to bail out Raman.

Ishita shows her trust in Raman, that he would never put Pihu’s life in danger, even by mistake. Ishita thinks there is someone framing Raman and decides to find the culprit.


Niddhi got to know Gulabo’s truth, that Raman is tricking Ishita to stay with Ruhi and Pihu. She gets Gulabo’s avatar, to fool Ishita. Niddhi spiked Raman’s drink. Ishita feels Gulabo is responsible for spiking Raman’s drink before he left from home, and that’s why the accident happened. Ishita angrily decides to fire Gulabo from work. Will Raman accept Gulabo’s matter in front of Ishita? Keep reading.


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