Suhani tricks Baba of his miraculous powers


Suhani tells Pratima that Yuvraaj is alive, and Baba has kept him captive in Birla house itself. Baba tries to hypnotize Suhani. Suhani spikes his drink and goes to his secret room. Suhani finds Yuvraaj alive and gets relieved. Suhani realizes Baba wants to kill Yuvraaj, assuming him to be Lord’s incarnation. Baba wants to kill Yuvraaj on the festival of Holi, so that he can increase his powers.

Suhani takes Yuvraaj along to a safe place. She takes Pratima and Bhavna’s help to fool Baba of his miraculous powers. They all hope to save Yuvraaj’s life from Baba. Pratima fools Baba by making him move a statue in lawn, while he does not know its Suhani’s plan. Suhani manages to convince Baba that he really holds some great magical powers.


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