Dharam’s decision to remarry in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Dharam is angered, as Meera has left the home. Dharam asks Gaura to find a wife for him and a mother for his children in 24 hours. Dharam is ready to do third marriage, hoping Meera may come back hearing this news. He angrily burns Meera’s memories and cries. He says its enough now, I will remarry. Vidya gets shocked. Dharam can’t take it anymore. Meera has left him before too, but this time Meera left her little babies too. Vidya stops Dharam.

Dharam does not know why Meera is taking revenge from him. He took a strong stand this time. He wants to marry someone else and show Meera that he can also stay without her. Gaura taunts Vidya and says I will get a new doll for Dharam. Meera does not know what problem she invited. There will new entry in the show opposite Dharam. Gaura will be getting her new bahu, who will be negative.



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