Raja and Naina’s high hopes for a new start…

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Raja and Naina have come on their honeymoon. Raja is influenced by Naina’s cheerful and positive side. Naina fills life in Raja too. Naina imagines a romantic moment with Raja. Raja drives the car. Naina gets scared seeing the truck coming from other way. She hugs Raja. He takes a turn and worriedly parks the car aside. Naina and Raja get close. They then see the smoke out of car engine. Raja asks her not to worry and takes her to the hotel.

Raja teases Naina by keeping the juice glass over cupboard. He does not let her get the glass. Raja finds Naina cute and suitable for him. He sees Rani in Naina and wants to start a new life with Naina. Raja expresses his love to Naina. Raja forgets the past and got new hopes in his life. Raja tries to live life in Naina’s style. There are no negative elements in their lives now. Naina and Raja need each other’s support. Naina and Raja hope to have a wonderful and peaceful life.






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