Thapki to save Tina’s life in Thapki Pyaar Ki


Sankara tries to harm Tina. Pandey family come to the fair. Sankara knows Tina is scared of giant wheel. She asks Tina to sit in giant wheel to get rid of her fears. Thapki doubts on Sankara’s plan. Sankara is very happy that Bihaan agreed to marry her. She tells everyone that she wants to help Tina. Thapki and Vasundara suspect Sankara to be behind Tina’s decision to make Sankara her mother. Sankara and Shraddha have forced Tina to convince Bihaan to marry Sankara. Tina gets scared in the ride. Sankara makes Tina sit alone. Tina tries to get down the giant wheel, but the ride does not stop. Tina falls down. Thapki reaches her in nick of time and holds Tina in arms.



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