Accident twist to shaken relations in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita gets a call from someone about Pihu. Ishita and entire family rush to find Pihu. An auto driver saved Pihu from the goons. He informs everyone that he has saved Pihu and called them to come and pick Pihu. Stressed Pihu faints before telling about Raman. They worriedly take her home. Pihu gets conscious. Ishita asks Pihu what happened that Raman could not drop her home. Pihu tells Ishita about Raman’s accident, and how goons followed her. Ishita asks about Raman. Pihu does not remember anything. She feels sorry to leave Raman alone. Ishita worries for Raman. She informs the family about Raman’s accident. She feels sorry to doubt on Raman.

Romi and Mani rush with Ishita to find Raman. Ishita sees Raman’s damaged car and shouts on not finding Raman. Bhallas and Iyers get worried seeing the car. Inspector tells them to go to city hospital as the person driving the car is admitted there. Adi comes home and gets to know about Raman’s accident from Mihika.

Ishita and everyone come to hospital and find out about Raman. Niddhi takes care of Shagun. She asks Shagun to focus on her health. She says its good Pihu has come home safely. Shagun feels scared thinking of the consequences. Niddhi plans to destroy Raman and Ishita’s happiness. She wants to frame Gulabo in the accident case.


Inspector tells Ishita and family that Raman was drunk when he was driving. Raman can’t believe this. He asks Ishita to trust him, he did not drink. Romi says Raman had cold drink and said he will not drink wine as he had to drop Pihu home. Raman asks Ishita to trust him. Inspector asks Raman to come to police station. Romi asks Raman to come, we will get bail. Raman swears on Pihu and tells Ishita that he did not do anything. Raman gets arrested. Adi meets Raman and calls him irresponsible father. Romi gets angry on Adi’s misbehavior and slaps Adi. Romi knows Raman did not drink wine, and finds strange that none is believing Raman now. Raman feels sorry about his past doings. Raman suspects that someone had spiked his drink at the pub. Romi goes to get Raman bailed out.


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