Daksh to create troubles for Shivay in Ishqbaaz


Priyanka is afraid about the pregnancy news breaking out. Shivay asks her not to take tension, nothing such will happen. She asks if I don’t get married to Ranveer… He says I will make sure that you and Ranveer get married. Shakti and Kamini have a moment, while Pinky gets enraged seeing them. Kamini asks Pinky not to get angry, Shakti and my relation has been same since before. Pinky asks Tej to talk to Kamini, as they both are similar in nature. Kamini makes Pinky jealous by sharing their love story. Shivay too pulls Shakti’s leg. Pinky controls Shakti and sends Kamini to check the invitation cards.

Daksh blackmails Shivay by sending Anika’s photos. He gets angry on the security staff. He asks them to be alert about Daksh. Shivay rushes to meet Daksh. He gets into a fight with Daksh. He asks Daksh to stay away from Anika. Daksh threatens him about breaking Priyanka and Ranveer’s relation. Shivay asks him not to test his patience. Daksh promises to delete Anika’s pictures. He shows Priyanka and a baby’s picture, and says Priyanka’s pictures will be such after some months. Shivay throws his phone away. Daksh tells him to save Priyanka’s image. He threatens Shivay to go and save Priyanka’s name by stopping everyone from seeing this picture. Shivay warns him to stay away from his family. Shivay rushes to stop the family from seeing Priyanka’s picture.

Shivay gets the invitation cards from everyone. He makes excuse of checking the designs. Daksh asks Shivay is he finding something. Shivay gets the picture and hides it from everyone.. He leaves from there. Anika finds Shivay worried. He does not confide the matter with Anika.

Daksh tries to scare Anika. Anika does not give up easily. Daksh influences her mind and gets glad seeing her shivering in fear. Anika starts walking off. Daksh reminds her what happened, how he has tortured her. Anika recalls Shivay’s words and faces Daksh. She does not get scared and tells Daksh that Shivay is with her this time. She challenges Daksh that he can never do anything to her and Shivay. Daksh gets provoked by her confidence and her love for Shivay. He takes her challenge and is determined to break her and Shivay.


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