Abhimanyu to settle scores with Rishabh in Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai

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Gitanjali plays holi with Rishabh and dances with him. Rathore family plays holi in a grand style. Entire haveli gets crowded and colored. Rishabh dances on dhol. Abhimanyu enters there. He applies red color to his face and plays dhol around Rishabh. He calls out Rishabh. Rishabh senses that Abhimanyu is around. Abhimanyu applies color to him. Rishabh is blind and can’t see Abhimanyu.

Gitanjali gets shocked seeing Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu tries to make Rishabh realize and recall some past matter. Rishabh’s holi and happiness get spoiled. Kavya does not see Abhimanyu and feels Rishabh is wrong, just as Gitanjali lives in illusion. Rishabh does not know what is happening with him. He gets his anger out on Kavya. He asks Kavya where was she and raises hand. Rajveer stops Rishabh and holds his hand. Rishabh asks Choti Maa to control Kavya, else he will kill her. He asks the driver to get the jeep. He is confused and angry because of Abhimanyu. What secret does Abhimanyu hold? Keep reading.


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