Virendra to save Chandrakanta’s life


Chandrakanta declared a war between Virendra and Shivdutt. She gets in tension after the war result. Virendra did the unexpected. Though none can fail the ultimate warrior Virendra, he accepted his failure in his fight with Shivdutt. Chandrakanta gets in dilemma. She wanted to meet Virendra. She got ready and was hoping to meet him soon. She wants to thank Virendra, as he has always helped her. Shivdutt got after her and creating hurdles in Chandrakanta and Virendra’s love story.


Chandrakanta gets the news that Virendra has lost in the fight, and Shivdutt has won. The man tells her that according to her promise, Chandrakanta now has to meet Shivdutt. She has laid the conditions. Chandrakanta’s friend says I will leave and meet Shivdutt, we trusted a wrong man. Chandrakanta says I have done wrong and I will bear the consequences, I will meet Shivdutt. She then comes up with an idea to send Ayyar Chapla to meet Shivdutt. Chapla uses her magical powers and takes Chandrakanta’s avatar. Shivdutt may find out about Chapla’s magical trick. Chandrakanta goes to meet Virendra. She falls from the mountain cliff. Virendra saves her yet again.


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