Ishita to reconcile with Raman in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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Ishita thinks to meet Raman. Raman scolds Adi for losing the important tender. Adi tries to rectify his mistakes. Raman wonders who will hate Gulabo to frame Gulabo in this incident. Niddhi taunts Raman. Ishita feels everything is spoiling because of her decision. Pihu cries and misses Raman. She could not tell Ishita that Raman is Gulabo. Ishita wants to make her terms fine with Raman and decides to go back to Bhalla house. Ishita comes home back. She asks Raman not to scold Adi in such a way.

Raman tells her about Adi’s irresponsibility. She asks him to give some time to Adi. She tells Raman to control his anger and not break anyone’s heart. She expresses her love for Raman and tells him that its very tough for her to stay away from him. She has seen children missing Raman and got them back home. She asks Raman to change. She tells him that Gulabo has spiked his drink, and she has seen this in CCTV footage.

Raman informs Romi that Ishita is doubting Gulabo, she is annoyed with me and asked me not to interfere in her investigations. He asks Romi to spy on Ishita and find out if she gets anything against Gulabo. Raman surprises Ishita at her clinic and tries to show a positive change in him.

Bhallas and Iyers celebrate Holi festival together. Raman and Ishita perform in the holi festival. IshRa’s nok jhok, happiness and mischief will be seen after a long time. Raman and Ishita are happily together, and apply holi to all the family members.






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