Naamkarann : Post leap twists

Avni in Naamkarann

Ali and Riya collide in the market place. Riya scolds him. They have enmity since childhood. Ali asks her to pay for the earrings, which she damaged. She asks him to pay for her outfit, which is more costly. He gets angry on her for throwing the earrings. He asks her to pay for earrings if she wants to go home. She insults him. Ali gives her money to buy a mirror and see her face. On the other hand, Neil’s mum’s car hits Avni’s car. Avni and Neil’s mum get into an argument. Avni heads to meet Dayavanti with a new identity of Ananya Verma. Neela and Avni get together to seek revenge from Dayavanti and get justice for Aisha and Hemant’s death. Will Neela and Avni succeed? Keep reading.

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