Teni spreads Holi happiness in Dil Se Dil Tak


Teni does not like everyone playing holi the dull way. Teni throws colored water on everyone. She begins dancing and celebrates Holi in high spirits. She throws water on everyone. She asks them not to feel bad, as its Holi. Bhanushali family elders don’t like this. Teni drinks bhaang and makes everyone dance with her. Parth and Shorvori also enjoy the dance. The holi gets very different because of Teni. Teni dances non stop. Parth asks her to get down stage and stop it now. Teni does not listen and shows everyone what’s real Holi. Parth and Shorvori were worried for Teni and child. They think Teni can do anything wrong and upset family. But, thankfully Teni wins everyone’s heart and does not create any problem for herself and them.


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