Bihaan to shed fears and celebrate Holi in Thapki Pyaar Ki


Pandey family play holi. Shraddha drinks thandai. She goes to Vasundara and tells all her crimes. Vasundara gets shocked. Shraddha gets courage to boast of her doings in front of Vasundara. Shraddha does not fall in problem, as even Vasundara had bhaang effect. Vasundara forgets everything.

Thapki succeeds to make Bihaan play holi after seven years. She brings Bihaan out of his fears. Bihaan plays holi with the entire family after a long time. Holi colors fill love in Thapki and Bihaan’s relation. The family members drink thandai and dance on holi songs. Thapki is very happy as Bihaan has become part of the Holi celebrations. Sankara gets angry and mistreats Thapki. She pushes Thapki in the water tub. Bihaan rushes to save Thapki. Sankara’s plan fails, and Bihaan gets more closer to Thapki.



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