Kareena to kill Saaya in Shakti

Soumya gets ousted by Nani

Kareena and all the kinners attack Saaya. Kareena stabs Saaya and kills her. Saaya was protecting Soumya till now. Kareena says Soumya will be knowing this shocking news of Saaya’s death, now Soumya has no support. She aims to kill Harman and Surbhi too, so that Soumya is left with no support from anyone.

On the other hand, Harman and Surbhi celebrate holi with Soumya. They dance and cheer up Soumya. Harman adds bhaang in thandai. Harman forced them to have thandai, and got them in holi celebrations when they did not wish to come. Surbhi gets drunk and dances carefree. Soumya is happy to see Harman and Surbhi. Harman gets Soumya for the dance and gets a chance to romance.


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