Avni to break Neil’s engagement in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Riya and Neil get engaged. Avni dances in the function. Avni makes everyone dance along. Neil’s parents are very happy. Neil is surprised seeing Avni and thinks why did she come here. She has come to break the engagement and trouble Dayavanti. She swaps the real bangles with fake ones. Neil takes the bangles to make Riya wear it. The bangles break. Neil asks Dayavanti for an answer as his mum has sent real gold bangles for Riya. They all do not understand how the bangles turned fake. Everyone think where did real bangles go. Neil gets a new case in hand to solve this mystery. Avni wants to take revenge. Little Avni gives courage to her. Avni aims to ruin Dayavanti’s fake image and expose her truth.


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