Shwetlana kills the priest to hide big secrets


Omkara tells Gauri that he is unwillingly marrying Shwetlana. He asks her not to ask anything again. Gauri asks Omkara about thinking of his decision again. She tries to know if Omkara remembers her. Omkara tells her that he did not get such girl till now, whom he would wish to marry. Gauri feels hurt and cries. Omkara orders the food. Shwetlana does not have chloroform and Amla with her to stop Omkara and Gauri at the dhaba. She spikes Omkara and Gauri’s food by adding the mushrooms.

Omkara and Gauri eat the spiked food. They fall in drunken state and laugh cracking jokes on each other. Gauri tells Omkara that she is a girl, not a guy. Omkara does not believe her. Gauri says I m saying truth, I can show my long hair. Omkara asks her to behave and come. They get current by their touch. A very hilarious scene happens. People laugh on Omkara and Gauri’s stupidity. Omkara and Gauri dance along the group present at the dhaba. Gauri takes her real avatar of a girl. Omkara assumes he is imagining Gauri with him.

Shwetlana meets the college’s head and introduces herself. He is sure she is not Shwetlana. Shwetlana shocks the priest by revealing her truth. She shows her real face to him. She kills the priest to hide her secrets. Shwetlana is sure that now Omkara will never know who is real Shwetlana. Omkara and Gauri have a moment, when they both are not in real senses. Shwetlana looks for the book in which priest has kept Shwetlana’s details. She deletes all details from the computer. She gets confident and assumes everything got fine for her.


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