Colors’ Holi Special


Devanshi: Devanshi tells Vardaan her truth that she is Devanshi, and was acting to be Sakshi to get her sister treatment done. Vardaan gets a big shock knowing this. The holi brings twists.


Bhaiya ji comes to meet Kasturi, along with Ranjana and Ragini, so that he can create hurdles for Suraj and Chakor. The villagers see Bhaiya ji and stop dancing. Bhaiya ji dances and sings in Holi celebrations, happening in the village. Everyone get surprised. Holi is celebrated in a grand way. Bhaiya ji dances with Ranjana. The villagers are very happy to be part of the fest. Bhaiya ji warns Chakor, that he will be killing Suraj. He wants to attempt to kill Suraj once again.

Imli and Vivaan play holi. Chakor finds Suraj and comes there. She does not get Suraj. Chakor and Imli play holi. Suraj had a wish that Chakor applies color to him. Chakor does not see Suraj and throws colors on him unknowingly. Suraj does not know Chakor has thrown colors. Chakor realizes she loves Suraj and is happy.


Meghna does not want to bear more humiliation. Meghna and Naina will fill self esteem and self confidence in their family. Naina thinks to make Karan play holi with his family. Naina is upset and asks Meghna to see Karan is not playing holi when everyone is enjoying. Meghna and Dada ji plan. Meghna calls Karan and lies to him that Dada ji fell down stairs. Karan comes running. Dada ji asks Karan to play holi. He says forget all the annoyances and differences. Naina and Meghna make Karan play holi with family.


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