Prediction to turn true for Shivay in Ishqbaaz


Buamaa asks everyone to end the sadness by playing a game. She asks all the women to put their jewelry in the bowl, and the men will have to identify their wives’ jewelry. Buamaa praises Shivay’s culinary skills and makes him participate in the game. She says we have to see how well the men know their wives. She makes Tej identify Jhanvi’s jewelry. Tej identifies Jhanvi’s jewelry right, and makes her wear the necklace. Everyone gets surprised. Buamaa’s efforts succeed. Anika and Soumya are excited to see the game. Shivay’s turn comes. He makes an excuse to avoid. Buamaa stops him. Pinky says Shivay can’t identify my jewelry. Shakti says I will find out. Pinky gives him hint to save her respect by finding her ring. She feels she is not lucky as her husband and son don’t know about her. Shakti finds Pinky’s ring.

Shivay looks for Anika’s jewelry. Anika waits to see if he wins. Rudra remarks Shivay can’t win. Shivay keeps Anika’s jewelry. He shows Pinky’s bangle. Anika looks for her bracelet in the bowl. Shivay giggles.

Rudra gives Soumya’s earrings to her. She gets glad that he noticed her. Anika asks Soumya about her bracelet. She looks for it. Khanna asks Shivay to come with him and see the dug land. Kinners predicted that Shivay will be facing a bad time. Anika and Shivay realize the kinner’s prediction is turning true. Shivay asks Khanna to find out who did this. Anika worries for Shivay. He asks her not to worry.

Anika waits for Aw moment and wants to try it. Shivay shows her bracelet and makes her wear it. He expresses his feelings. He says I know your bracelet since I know you. He asks Anika to be with him always. He fails to express himself always. He tells Anika that she is not alone now. He asks her never to be afraid of anyone. He gives her an Aw moment. He hugs her, and asks her to hug him too. They have a loving hug. Shivay boards the flight. He misses Anika. The air hostess captures Shivay shockingly.


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