Priyam to reveal Abhimanyu’s murder mystery in Koi Laut Ke…

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Gitanjali and Rajveer are getting engaged. Rishabh hugs Rajveer. Rishabh is happy for Gitanjali. Kavya takes Rajveer along. Rajveer and Gitanjali watch a documentary about Abhimanyu and Gitanjali’s love story. Rishabh and Rajveer turn upset.

Abhimanyu’s death truth comes out. Priyam tells Gitanjali that Abhimanyu was murdered, the car brakes were failed, the car did not fall in the river on own. He says someone wanted to separate us, I have come back to tell the same to you. He says my reincarnation happened to get justice.

Rishabh says no murder happened. The guests ask is Priyam really Abhimanyu, did Rishabh murder Abhimanyu. Rishabh asks the guests to shut up. Rishabh and Choti Maa get angry in Gitanjali. Kavya likes Rajveer and now when engagement gets hurdle, she gets happy. Rishabh asks Gitanjali to go ahead with engagement. Gitanjali leaves the engagement, and tells Rajveer that she can’t move on in life knowing Abhimanyu was murdered. She says I will resolve the issues as I can’t start a new life with such big issue in mind. How will Gitanjali find out the truth? Keep reading.


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