Saath Nibhana Saathiya : Ricky-Sita’s relation

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Jaggi drinks the wine. Jaggi loses senses and does Naagin dance. Ricky enjoys watching Jaggi. Jaggi acts weird and jumps around. Gopi wanted to change Ricky. Jaggi was challenged by Ricky to drink beer. Jaggi accepts challenge. He drinks beer and falls down. He turns superman and jumps over the sofas to show his superhero skills. Ricky laughs seeing Jaggi. Police comes home and arrests Ricky. Gopi gets more tension.

Gaura convinces Dharam for third marriage. Gaura finds a bride for Dharam. She asks Vidya to welcome her new Saas and make her adjust at home. Dharam is marrying Supriya. They exchange garlands and sit in mandap. Gaura and Bhavani have trapped Dharam and want him to forget Meera. Vidya calls police and tells inspector that Supriya is an escaped prisoner. She gets Supriya arrested. Gaura starts drama and acts innocent, as if she did not know Supriya is a thief. Dharam’s marriage stops. On the other hand, Gopi wants Ricky to marry Sita. Can Gopi bring two opposite persons together? Keep reading.






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