Soumya’s step to get Surbhi’s rights in Shakti

Shakti: Harak Singh to realize Soumya's worth

The villagers come on Holi fest. Preeto plans with Soumya to give respect to Surbhi. She gets Surbhi her rights and tells the villagers that Surbhi is also part of the family, she is Harman’s wife. Preeto wanted Surbhi to get rights. Soumya reveals everything and makes Harman make Surbhi wear mangalsutra. It gets shocking for Harman and Surbhi.

Soumya gives the mangalsutra box to Harman. Harman gets a shock. But, he agrees to do so just for Soumya’s sake. Soumya has kept the family respect in front of villagers. Soumya has completed Harman and Surbhi’s incomplete relation.

Soumya tells everyone that she has no objection with Harman’s second marriage. She says I can’t conceive so Harman remarried, I want to share these rights and love with my sister, like you all have given me love, accept Surbhi too. Preeto says we agreed to adopt a child, but Soumya did not agree. Surbhi did not expect this and gets happy. Soumya says I got much love by this family, and I should also do something for my family. Preeto has planned this to make both sisters away. Harak and Preeto’s family distributes gifts to villagers for Holi fest. Surbhi is confused thinking what does Soumya want, who left her alone in Mumbai and is supporting her at home. She wants to clear the matter with Soumya.



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