Suhani’s new struggles begin…


Suhani and Bhavna get a doubt on Baby, who has been helping the Fraud baba. Suhani monitors Baby’s activities. She follows Baba at night and reaches police station, where Baby plans to free Baba from lockup. Baba gives the lock keys to Baba and leaves a note of location to meet. Baby and Baba plan to kill Birlas. Suhani gets the note and changes it on time.

Suhani meets Baby to confront her. Suhani gets to know Baby’s deep hatred for the family and her revengeful motives. Baby accepts all her doings in front of Suhani. Suhani blames her for risking Yuvraaj and Sharad’s lives. Baby does not regret and attempts to kill Suhani. She scares Suhani and threatens her about blasting Birla house in a second. Suhani determines to expose Baby’s true face to family. Baby succeeds to scare Suhani and begins a deadly game with her. How will Suhani safeguard her family? Keep reading.


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