Surbhi’s rude behavior irks Harman in Shakti


Surbhi has come back from Kareena’s clutches. Surbhi is annoyed with Soumya and Harman. Soumya asks her what’s the matter. Surbhi asks her to leave her alone. Harman asks what happened, why are you talking rudely, will you speak out. Surbhi says I will talk later. Soumya asks Harman not to get angry, and talk in morning.

Harman and Surbhi get into an argument. He tries to make Surbhi admit and be thankful to Soumya who saved her life. He asks her to thank Lord that she came back safely. He says I have done a favor on you by giving you place in my room. Surbhi gets angry and asks her to go and sleep in Soumya’s room. Harman says I should have not married Surbhi, I m trapped between you two. He regrets his relation with Surbhi. Surbhi’s behavior turning weird makes Harman and Soumya worry.


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